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There's a saying in our house, "When in doubt, the answer is hot sauce."
"What's in that box?"
"What are we doing this weekend?"
"What's Auntie Kerry getting for her birthday?" (Sorry for the spoiler, Kerry)
It's like Jeopardy!, but there's only one clue.

This hasn't always been the only thing we did. We've lived a lot of places, tried out a lot of jobs and climbed a lot of mountains (literal and figurative). And in the process, we identified some constants: Tony's really good at experimenting with food. Leslie's really good at sweating the small stuff. And that's how a homemade Christmas gift became this business.

By collaborating with numerous local and regional vendors to maximize our use of local produce, Tony uses the experience he gained working at fine dining establishments in Maine and New Orleans to create flavor combinations that are impressively well-rounded.
We are a small, family owned and operated business where we personally handle the products from start to finish. We believe in keeping it local, keeping it tasty and keeping it real. (And we believe the children are the future, so we're teaching them well and letting them lead the way. Seriously. Gives 'em a sense of pride)