Fish Dry Rub
Fish Dry Rub

Net weight 4 ounces
Price: $6.50

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Picture this: you've gone camping for the weekend at one of the beautiful state parks in [your state here]. You're out on the lake in [your preferred water craft]. All of a sudden, the bobber dips below the surface of the water. Your heart begins to pound. You pull up on the pole because you've been told to "set the hook", whatever that means. You feel the tugging and the tip of the pole bends down toward the water. So you crank! And crank and crank and crank! And before you know it, you can see the writhing form of a fish close to the surface. Your fishing partner grabs the net and scoops up your amazing catch. You make your fishing partner take the fish off the hook, cause you're too in awe of nature to deal with that. Then your fishing partner clubs it on the head, slices it in half and scoops out its guts. While struggling to accept the harsh reality that this is how all meat makes it to your table, you remember you brought a dry rub that features prominent basil, oregano and thyme flavors which accentuate but don't compete with the subtle flavors of all species of fish. You're gonna get that cast iron griddle smoking and fry up that fish. Ah, to be at the top of the food chain....

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