Some Like it Hot (and Fast)
Some Like it Hot (and Fast)

Sauces 5 ounces, salt 4 ounces
Price: $30.50

I had a conversation with a certain Swedish carpenter once about why he likes such spicy food. He said it was a rush. Like driving a fast car. And he loved it! Well, I've just stumbled upon proof that to certain people, this connection between thrill-seeking and Scoville-seeking is a pattern. This study from 1980 says "eating of chili, riding on roller coasters, taking very hot baths and many other human activities can be considered instances of thrill-seeking or enjoyment of 'constrained risks'" (I don't really get the bath thing...)

Anyway, if you're looking for heat and thrills, this is the set for you. Enjoy the spicy all-purpose Thai Chili, the unique and hot Habanero, the macho and intense Ghost and the "didn't know you needed it but now you do"
Habanero salt.

Package includes:
1 Thai Chili hot sauce
1 Habanero hot sauce
1 Ghost Pepper hot sauce

1 Habanero salt

Yep, we actually have a race car with our logos all over it.

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