Fatalii Hot Sauce
Fatalii Hot Sauce

5 ounces
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No, the label doesn't say "Fatal Two". You should know us better than that by now. We don't go for gimmicky names that play off the scary heat of the peppers. Plus, we're not that creative. All our sauces are named after the peppers from whence they came. The Fatalii, of African origin, has a natural citrus undertone. So we worked with what we had, and added some fresh, cold-pressed lemon and orange juice to bump it up. The result is not fatal, it's invigorating and aromatic and hot. Like Africa.

For the second year in a row, we took home the Best Local Hot Sauce prize in 2016 with this one. The food writer describes it as having "a distinctive effervescent back-end zing". Wish I could come up with words like that.

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